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Superior Love (The Bright Side) feat. Limahl

Limahl, one of Britain’s most successful artists of the 80s, have become worldfamous with “Neverending Story” with more than 20 Top Ten-Entries worldwide. Besides that he has written the world-hits of Kajagoogoo like “Too Shy”, “Ooh To Be Ah” or  “Hang On Now”. Sara Noxx, one of the most successful female ElectroActs (“Society”, “Colder & Colder”, “Earth Song”), surprised with of the most charming duets in the history of New-Wave.


Limahl, einer der erfolgreichsten britischen Künstler der 80er Jahre, welcher mit Kajagoogoo Welthits wie “Too Shy”, “Ooh To Be Ah” oder  “Hang On Now” schrieb, gelang solo mit “Neverending Story” der grösste Erfolg und Sara Noxx, einer der erfolgreichsten weiblichen ElectroActs (“Society”, “Colder & Colder”, “Earth Song”) begeistern mit einem der reizvollsten Duette in der Geschichte des New-Wave.


01. Superior Love
02. Superior Love (12“ Clubmix)
03. Superior Love (Album Version)
04. Superior Love (Alice in Videoland Rmx)
05. Superior Love (Girls under Glass Rmx)
06. Superior Love (Real Life Rmx)


Release: 03. April 2009